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Caring for Kids' mission is to provide caring adults with the means to encourage and enrich relationships with the children in their care.

It is our goal to reach into communities, which may not have the financial means to access comprehensive, dependable, developmentally appropriate childcare information and training. We intend to do this through partnerships with concerned corporations and grants from foundations.

Through our initiatives, we aspire to: 1) Promote and foster interactive learning experiences, 2) Enhance and strengthen family connections, and 3) Build core values in children that are essential for success in life.


The Everyday TLC Early Childhood Institute offers CURRICULUM, TRAINING and COMMUNITY online. Curriculum comes to you in our monthly curriculum guide in newsletter format, nutrition education booklets, and library of early childhood resource books. Training is available through learn-at-home courses for state licensing credits and CDA clock hours. Community is built through the Caring for Kids Blog and Child Care Chats you can participate in as a member of the Institute.    
Cooking Up Learning is a series of 24 page booklets that combine nutrition education with other important early childhood learning goals such as literacy and concept acquisition. These booklets include tests, which can be used by local food sponsors to assist their providers to meet the USDA training requirements.    
is a unique web site that allows parents, teachers, grandparents, mentors and caregivers to easily and quickly locate activities that match a child's age, interest, and learning goal. The web site draws from a database of over 5,000 classroom and family-tested activities in an easy to use format.

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